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On the Carpet

Keep quiet, I roughly grab her wrists and pinned them over her head with one hand. It was then that she realized how horny she was. " Is this what you want, Heather?" My demeanor became dark as my free hand ran down the front of her dress and I pulled it down exposing her bra-less breasts. I pinched one of her nipples hard.
She squeales " Yes..Yes." 
My mouth covers hers, my tongue is probing her while my slow hand continues roaming down her body until it slips between her thighs and begins to make its way up. My tongue surges in her mouth and entwined so softly with hers, she moans in satisfaction as her chest heaves with excitable arousal. " ooohhhh..
mmmmmm." Her body begins to tremble and the wet desire settles between her legs, wetting her panties. I suddenly pull my mouth from hers. " Answer me, Heather," I sexily whisper just as my fingers slip under her panties. " Is this what you want?"

" Oh God, please do this..." she whispers; her body is begging for my touch. "John...?" My thumb presses against her clit and she gasps. One of my fingers exploring her tightness. I slurp in a breath of excitement. " I think it is," I whisper, " hot and wet." I slip two fingers into her pumping the muscled walls of her vagina. " Oh my, God," she squeals in pleasure.

" I enjoy feeling this 3 or 4 times," I let out a satisfied breath. " Fuck, you feel so nice, let me show you how good I can make you feel," I stated before placing my mouth at her neck where he begin to shower her with soft nibbles and sensual kisses. 

" John...yes," she whimpers with desire as she feels her body turn to putty to my touch. The sensations I'm sending through her is making her melt. 
Still holding her arms up, I rescind my fingers from inside her and tug at my pants freeing my engorged dick. I press it up against her body, she gasps,
"Shhhh," I whisper wiping the fingers that had been inside her along the outline of her lips. She opens her mouth licking as I wolfishly eye her breasts before bending to one and sucking before moving to the other. My sucking mouth is brutal, vacillating between nips and hard sucks. As I assault her nipples, each tightened and puckered like two hard berries and her arousal level shot skyward.

This is happening, this is happening, her mind kept repeating, she didn't want it to stop! It is raw to the core and she reveled in it! " Please, fuck me, please," Heather begs it is nothing but sheer pleasure straining her face. " Do you really want me to continue, Heather?" I ask as I shove her panties downguiding the tip of my hard cock to the opening of her vagina and teasing her clit with its hardness. Dislodging her panties from one of her ankles, my hands suddenly cupped her ass and I lift her, positioning the head of my cock at her wet opening while her legs rest over the mid-part of my arms.

" YES!" She exclaims, her pussy is craving the penetration. Ignoring her, I press it hard into her. " Damn you, John Malone!" she hisses as her pussy juices allows my wide girth entry and my length finds its haven. I moan, she feels my breathing intensify. " I've wanted you since the first day we met," I whisper in her ear as my hips slowly thrusts into her. " You wanted this too, Heather..." " Yes, I did!" she exclaims in a voice of heightened excitement.

" Then tell me to stop!" I demanded, just as my thrusting begin to intensify.
" Now? You want me to tell you to stop, now?" she whines while beginning to pant. " Why not?" I pull back, slowing my pace. " Stop fucking with me, John!"
She can see the sinister smile in my eyes. " You want me to stop fucking you?"
" No!" her voice was queasy, filled with both despair and panic that he'd stop.
" So you want me to fuck you?" " Yes!" " Say it!" " I love you! You Bastard"
I suddenly slammed into her so hard, her back bounced off the carpet; as I hammered my thickness into her the carpet, porous medium abrasively scraped her delicate skin.

I never stopped my sensual assault, prodding my love tool deep into the recesses of her craving pussy. Heather's breaths became sporadic. " Yes...oh God," Heather whispers. " Please, fuck me, fuck me, do it!" " Do you love me, Heather?" "Yes! Yes! Please! John!" her voice rattled while her mind sauntered in a complete fog of pleasure. Gripping her ass, I hold her tight, as I commenced to thrusting as hard as I could. My cock is forcing her tight pussy to open and receive me as I slam hard and relentless like a madman, long, brutal, rapid, ravaging strokes while I grunted and groaned. 
All of a sudden, she feels it rising inside her. " Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit," she squeals in desperation as her hips went into a frenzy pumping my cock furiously in and out of her in an attempt to covet everything it had to offer. " aaaahhhh," her voice let out a steady pitch as she climaxed and her entire being feels like it had climbed over the top of a high peak.

With both of my hands pressed to the carpet, her legs draped over my shoulders, I continue to plow into her until a bellowing rumble of satisfaction escapes my mouth. My cock jerking inside her, and the sudden extra wetness, she knew I had come. " Fuck!" she suddenly gasps, quickly catapulted back to reality. " Why didn't you pull out?" she asks trying to untangle her legs from my shoulders.

" Don't fucking move!" I growled, my cock deep inside her. I appear between worlds, the weight of my body pressing hard and heavy against hers.
" Is that how you're going to talk to me after making you come like that?" I finally said.

"Let me up," she demanded. " You could've at least had the courtesy to wear a condom!" I lifted up off of her, a huge grin crossed my face. I squatted in front of her grabbing the panties that were still wrapped around one ankle.
" Lift your foot and step out of these," I ordered. She didn't know why she complied, she just did. I damn near stuffed her panties in her pussy sopping up their residual love juices, only to pull them away and bring them to my nose where upon I took a long, languishing sniff, only to look at her and smile.

" You're nasty!" she putridly exclaimed as she pulls her dress back over her breasts trying to momentarily recover her modesty. " As are you!" I retorted and wiped the soiled underwear across her lips. She recoiled and turned her face away, I suddenly gripped and handful of her hair and pulled tight.
She cried out. "John!"

" Smell us!" I ordered, again wiping her soiled panties against her face and forcing her to smell. She tried to turn her face but my grip is so tight around her hair, she is forced to inhale their essence; a cologne and perfumed, sweat-induced, pungent but sweet composition of their blended body odors. " I want you to remember that smell, because you see, Heather, I know you wouldn't have given it up like this to any man," I said as I let go of her hair and pocketed the panties before putting my dick away. Only partially zipping my fly, my pants hung loosely around my hips.

I grab Heather's arm pulling her down the hall to the bedroom, I grab her dress ripping it off of her. I surprise her by grabbing her hips and quickly splaying her out on our king-size bed so that her backside is readily available.
Before she realizes what I'm doing, I place the thick head of my cock to her anus start to apply pressure. It hurt at first, and she made a feeble attempt to stop me. She turns her head back to see what is happening and caught a glimpse of me pouring hot oil onto her backside. I withdrew the head of my cock from her tighter hole long enough to work the oil into the small opening, and shortly after I return my cock to her ass.

The pressure is substantial, and it hurt at first. She struggles in vain, unable to break my iron grasp and infallible concentration. With every ounce of my strength, I hold her in place pushing my hard thick cock inside her. The raw animal nature of what we are doing keeps her very aroused and she feels her pussy getting wetter. I succeeded in my mission and nestled my thick cockdeep inside her tight asshole.
A sense of satisfaction spread through me. My eyes lit up and I smiled in triumph. Heather returned my warm smile, and asked me"what are you waiting for?" Not one to back down from a challenge, I'm thrusting in and out of her using a slow, strong tempo. I use my hands to keep her lower body in place, and slamming in and out her like a pile driver. I keep up this assault until I blow a thick load inside her. With semen running from her pussy and ass, she passes out. When she came too, I was in the bathroom. Heather knows in two or three hours I will be horny again